9 Secrets For The Best Prep Photos On Your Wedding Day


1 – A Full Invitation Suite 


By this time in the wedding process, I’m sure you’ve seen those beautiful flat lay images of all of a bride’s details – rings, shoes, jewelry, perfume, and invitations! If your invitation has matching accessories like an RSVP, directions, or reception cards be sure to bring all of them. If you think you may forget to bring your invitation suite you can mail one to your photographer before the wedding day!

Digital invitations are becoming more and more common these days. If you’re doing digital invites consider ordering one set of tangible invitations to mail to your photographer or bring with you on the wedding day!

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2 – Rings + Jewelry + Accessories

When you buy your rings, it is more than likely that a ring box will be included with the purchase. If you choose to stick with the default ring boxes (some of which are quite beautiful) keep in mind that the store’s logo and information is likely to be stamped somewhere on or in the box, which means it’ll appear in your photos. If you want to avoid logos or if you wish to find a box that fits your style, consider buying a custom ring box.

There is quite the range of ring box styles, with different shapes, number of slots, materials, embossings, and colors – choosing a box can be just as intricate as choosing the ring itself! ;) Of course the rings themselves are what matter the most, but ring boxes are a great way to showcase them in your wedding photos!

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If you’re still on the search for the perfect wedding day jewelry, some of my favorite places with chic + modern styles are Mejuri, Kendra Scott, BHLDN, and Bauble Bar!

3 – Wedding Dress + Hanger


Okay okay, I know, the dress is a NO DUH, however, consider buying a chic personalized hanger to go with it! The dingy plastic hangers that wedding dresses usually come with won’t be the most aesthetically pleasing in photos with your elegant wedding gown.

Personalized wedding hangers are the perfect addition to the classic wedding dress and bridesmaid dress photo op. If you want to get extra fancy, get one for each of your bridesmaids personalized with their name as a special gift.

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4 – Have all your details in one place


One of the first things we’ll do when we arrive is photograph and film your details while you wrap up hair and makeup. These detail items can include invitations, rings, jewelry, shoes, hair pieces, perfume, gifts, and any other meaningful accessories to you on your wedding day. Don’t forget to have your engagement ring and both wedding bands with you. Collect all your detail items in one place, ready for us when we arrive.

6 – Dressing gowns

Dressings gowns are a glamorous addition to any bride’s wedding prep photos. While they are obviously not required, they are classic and functional! After hair and makeup is complete and its time to get into your wedding attire no one will have to worry about pulling a shirt over their head and rubbing off make-up or ruining a gorgeous updo.

Similar to bridesmaid dresses, there are a lot of options when it comes to what type of dressing gowns to wear when you and your ladies are getting ready. Silky fabric or velvet? Floral pattern or lace adorned? Maybe something a bit less conventional like button downs? The list goes on and on. When looking through all of the beautiful options, we recommend keeping in mind that the your dressing gown should stand out from your bridesmaids by color and pattern!

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7 – Letters + vows

Couples often like to exchange letters with one another on the morning of their wedding day. It is one of the sweetest and most intimate moments for our couples. It is also a particularly great option if you are not going to do personal vows during your ceremony, but still want to say some sweet words to your soon to be partner in life. Doing a first touch or a first look is a great opportunity to read your letters to one another.

If you want to partake in this tradition we are happy to recommend a few things!

  • Don’t wait until the last minute

  • Speak from your heart

  • Share highs and lows

  • Allow yourself to be emotional

  • Write your letter on paper. If you want to make it more of a keepsake item you can purchase little vows booklets to write them in. PLEASE DON’T WRITE THEM ON YOUR PHONE. :)

  • If your handwriting is not the best, write slowly and take your time

Check out our blog post, 3 Small Things That Will Have A Huge Impact on Your Wedding Film to see why letters and vows are very important for video!

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8 – A clean space + natural light

Sarah+Michael, Gruene Estate Wedding, San Antonio, Contista Productions Wedding Photography_0019.jpg

If you have multiple rooms at your disposal keep the room with the most natural light and neutral colors clean and unused. This is one of the most important tips for getting amazing wedding prep photos on your wedding day!

Water bottles, lunch platters, makeup, bins of decor and clothes will quickly turn at least one of your prep rooms into a huge mess. Make sure you leave the most photogenic room for photos with bridesmaids and when you get into your dress! If you don’t have access to another room ask your bridesmaids to keep all of their things in one area.

9 – Calm your nerves // first look or first touch

Many couples struggle with the decision of whether or not to do a first look. Some couples are really set on not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony and if that is you, that’s totally okay!

If you are set on not seeing each other until the ceremony, doing a first touch might be just what you’re looking for. This can be done either back to back or around a corner. It keeps things more traditional, but still allows you to have a few minutes together before you tie the knot. This is a great way to calm the nerves and the perfect opportunity to exchange gifts or letters. Our couples that do a first look or first touch always tell us those moments end up being one of their favorites to look back on!