6 Things Your Wedding Guests Will Love at your wedding


1 – Introduce wedding guests assigned to the same table in a funny + creative way

If you aren’t already thinking of seating arrangements, they are awesome! Having assigned seats tend to make things simpler, especially on wedding guests and the catering staff.

On top of that, here’s an idea we use when we host parties that you can totally do at your wedding! Give each guest at a table a card with a description of each person at the table. We have created one below as an example! Its a really fun concept, and not to mention, a great conversation starter for your guests.

Blog Graphics.png

2 – Good food + Drink

One thing you don’t want at your wedding – hangry wedding guests. Many of your guests will have travelled long and far to attend your wedding day, and well, they are usually hungry! This seems like an obvious one but guests live for the small bites and booze at weddings.

For food, talk to your caterer or wedding planner about serving l’horderves or something low cost and delicious like a fruit & veggie platter during cocktail hour.

For drinks, talk to your bartending service about pre-made cocktails and other quick serving options like beer and wine. If it’s an option, servers handing out food and drinks to your guests can also help relieve the bar and catering. What’s better than when the food and drinks come to you?

If your wedding ceremony is outdoors and its going to be hot, have a table set up with a couple of cold water dispensers. If you want to get fancy with it, you can find 23 Fruit Infused Water Recipes here!


3 – RECEPTION ACTIVITIES for all guests

On your wedding day the dance floor is going to be a blast and usually for a few hours. For the introverts and non-dancers out there, they’d love something to do on their night out at your wedding. Here are just a few ideas;

– A photo booth

– Signing a guest book

– Games like Jenga, corn hole, or a wheel of fun

– Light sticks for the dance floor

– Drinking games


4 – An amazing wedding DJ

“YOU’RE PLAYING TOO MANY SLOW DANCE SONGS MARK! FEEL THE ROOM!” – Everyone in the room when no one is dancing

Find a DJ, live band, or mariachi with great reviews and get to know them if you can. 

We’ve had a few funny experiences where the DJ can’t pronounce the names of the bride and groom, has bland transitions to the next song, or plays too much of the same thing. To say its a buzzkill is a pretty big understatement. People love a mix of all-time hits, stuff they know, and songs they can sing along to! Good music = Good times 


5 – a solid wedding Weather Plan

We once had an outdoor ranch wedding early in April when it was unexpectedly in the 30s the whole day. Some of the wedding guests saved the day by bringing space heaters and blankets to bundle up in! No one would have ever predicted that April in Central Texas could be that cold, so have a plan for all types of weather changes on your wedding day!

For the cold, bon fires, space heaters, pocket warmers, and plenty of blankets will save the day. Serve a chunky vegetable soup as an appetizer, rather than the usual chilled salad, followed by some warm comfort food for dinner. In our experience, coffee and hot chocolate stations are a big hit with guests on chilly wedding nights!

For the heat, keep the refreshing drinks flowing, have covered/indoor access readily available, and limit guests’ exposure to the heat. A great after dinner treat, rather than the traditional cake, could be an ice cream or snow cone stand! You could even still have a small one tiered cake to cut if you want to stick with that tradition. Ice cream and cake? Yes, please! Include chic paper parasols or program fans on every guests seat as an additional treat.

There is something romantic about rain that just makes a wedding day more memorable. From a creative standpoint, we embrace the rain for beautiful and romantic photo and video with the couple! However, if your wedding will be outdoors, while it would certainly be memorable I can’t say it would be romantic if out of no where rain drenched you and all of your lovely wedding guests mid-ceremony. In other words, be sure to have a rain plan! Whether your venue has an indoor option or reserving a rain tent just in case, being safe rather than sorry is the way to go with this one.


6 – Parking + Transportation

Before your wedding day make sure to let your guests know where to park for both your ceremony and reception. Also give them back-up parking options if there are any. This will help prevent tardiness but also keep people’s spirits high so they don’t arrive to your wedding after spending half an hour finding parking. Free valet is a huge plus if it’s practical for your venue(s) and within budget - the elderly will surely appreciate this. 

If you’re providing transportation for your guests, we HIGHLY recommend party buses. They. Are. So. much fun. Definitely check out our blog post on why party buses are an awesome option for your wedding day!