5 Reasons Why Wedding Photographers are the Secret Wedding Ingredient


There’s so much more that wedding photographers bring to your wedding day than just their images. This article could go on forever with a long list of these “reasons why” so we’ve given you a few short but very important points to consider - especially when hiring a photographer that knows their stuff.

1 – Our Goals Couldn’t Be More Aligned!

You want an incredible wedding day with incredible photos and films to share in the years to come - and we do too. Every wedding we shoot gives us more content to attract more wonderful couples like you and that provides us with the motivation to help you plan the most spectacular things to enjoy on your wedding day. 

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2 – The Secret to Amazing Photos + Films

We know THE SECRET to creating the best photos and films - prompting. It’s knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say something that brings the best out of you and your wedding guests in your images. On top of that, we know how to direct and give you action for natural and genuine poses and emotion.

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3 – Things no one told you about what your wedding day would actually be like.

We know the most “things no one told you about what your wedding day would actually be like.” We know things like how you should buy high heel protectors (check out our article on them here) and that you should turn off all of your reception lights, or at least those on the dance floor for the best images. 

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4 – Putting out the fires.

We put out fires on your wedding day that you will never know existed. So your fiancé forgot your rings back at his AirBnB. We help him figure out who should go and pick them up, and then we notify and help your wedding planner restructure the day while we lightly inform you that things are running a bit behind but everything is okay. Later on in the day you find out that HE forgot the rings, EXCUSE ME WHAT! But you’ve just found out about it during your after-ceremony portrait session and the idea now has you laughing, providing us with some genuine smiles in your photos. 

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5 – We soothe the tension.

You’re having your hair + makeup done and different opinions begin to circulate around the room making you a bit self-conscious. So we cut the tension by either cracking a joke or providing our expertise, and then come down to your level to give you whatever you need.

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