3 Small Things That Will Have A Huge Impact on Your Wedding Film


If you’re investing in a professional videographer, make sure you fully utilize the information in this article. These 3 small things take little time investment and will give you a high return on investment from your videographer.

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1 – Time Alone with You

The time we’re talking about is when there are no distractions by family or friends. It’s also dedicated time when only the videographer is filming and no photos are being taken. Here are a few times your videographer will need to make you an extraordinary film.

 – Time with the bride before ceremony

– Time with the groom before ceremony

–Time with both of you after the ceremony

About 10 minutes in each of these three areas plus everything else that your videographer will capture will make your film amazing.


2 – Personal Audio

Adding personal audio to your wedding film is like sprinkling it with a little bit of fairy dust. It will add personality and bring your film to a whole other level. Your audio will drive the intimacy, emotion, and story of your wedding film. here are a few options to choose from.

– Informal interviews before the ceremony

– Letter readings before or during the ceremony

– Vows during the ceremony

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3 – Meet Up or a Phone Call

This is super important! We meet all of our couples in one of two ways before their wedding day - on a double date or over the phone.

A couple once contacted us less than a month out from their wedding day and had a very specific vision they were hoping we could execute. They told us what music inspires them, what made them fall in love with their wedding venue, and that they wanted the tone of their film to be fun and fast paced. They wanted a wedding film like we had never made before, but because of how thoroughly we talked about their vision, it was easy to create exactly what they had envisioned.

Getting to know you is a crucial step for us because it allows us to answer and ask questions to ensure we deliver a film that you absolutely love.

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