Contista Productions

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When it comes to our mission for weddings, we believe in delivering elegant and authentic films and photographs that are made for you and your loved ones to enjoy for a lifetime. Together we are easy-going, open, and intimate. We fell in love while building this business together (we started it as friends!) and we take on each wedding as if it were our own. For us, there is no greater joy than to celebrate a couple's love on their wedding day with films and photographs that are truly representative of them

Every day we feel grateful for all of the memories we have made in our lives with one another and with our family and friends. Nothing brings us more joy than spending time with those we love and reminiscing on old memories. Together we are easy-going, open, and intimate. We love making new friends, yoga, video and photography (of course), board games, and traveling. Joshua enjoys watching the San Antonio Spurs, soccer, running, and finding the best restaurants and deals in town. Parisa enjoys geeking out over genetics topics (what she studied in college), smoothies, yoga, and hopes to one day own a hypoallergenic cat.

Our mission is to make the memories of your wedding day last a lifetime. In accomplishing our mission we focus on all of the beautiful things that make you, you. With our authentic and timeless approach we tell the story of your wedding day through a cinematic perspective that documents the love you and your fiancé share on your wedding day. Before your wedding day we invest into learning about your love-story and collaborate with you to bring unique ideas to your films and photographs. After your wedding day, you can sit back and relax while we work away to create your wedding story.

If you feel that our style and mission represents what you are looking for in your wedding photographer and/or videographer, please contact us with any questions that you have, and for scheduling and availability.


Joshua & Parisa


Photo by Wanderlust Souls Photography